Kristi Bordelon Consulting

Curriculum Development

You opened a school because you are a subject matter expert. Let us help you turn your knowledge into effective and engaging  curriculum.

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Complying to state licensing, federal regulations, and accreditation standards can be  daunting and time consuming.

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Professional  Development

  • Teaching Strategies
  • Common Core Standards
  • Educational Leadership 
  • Educational Technology

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About Us

My original life plan was to teach elementary school for a
few years then become a principal. A few weeks after graduating from high
school, I applied with the school district to become a substitute teacher. So,
at the age of 18, I began working on my bachelor’s in elementary education
while working as a substitute teacher at various elementary and middle schools,
as well as tutoring other students. I was hooked on the world of education and
helping others! 
As most life plans go, mine took a few twists and turns. After
spending a few years creating and conducting professional development classes
for teachers. Then an amazing opportunity to become the Chief Education Officer
for a school offering Master’s Degrees in Education came my way. I quickly
learned that institutional compliance, procedures, and processes are just as important
to a successful education as stellar curriculum. During the past 10 years, I have helped numerous K-12 and higher education institutions with licensure, curriculum development and review, faculty training, and accreditation.
The world of education changes daily.  Kristi Bordelon Consulting can help you navigate the big hurdles of  licensing, state authorization, and accreditation. We can also help with the daily challenges of curriculum development, student services, faculty training, and all of the day to day activities that make your institution unique.

Kristi Bordelon Consulting offers a variety of personalized services that can help your institution thrive among today's changing education climate. Our team has experience with higher education, K-12 education, faculty professional development, degree and certificate programs. 

Contact us now to see how we can work together to make your institution the best it can be.

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